We're building a community of builders.

Blocksmith Labs is a team of experienced engineers aiming to solve real problems on Solana, whilst providing utility to our holders.

About Us

Blocksmith Labs was formed by a team of experienced engineers in early February 2022. Our passion for building and providing for the community is what truly kickstarted the project.
Our main aim at Blocksmith Labs is to solve real problems within the ecosystem. To demonstrate this in practise, we have already released our first tool, Mercury. One of the big problems in the space right now is whitelisting, the whole process is tedious. Mercury tackles this problem by making this whole process seamless for both users and projects, users have a clear visibility of which projects they are whitelisted on providing that ease of mind, whilst allowing projects to see how many "true" users have whitelisted on their projects, and being able to export the users whitelist addresses quick and easy. As of today, Mercury has onboarded over 15 projects and 20,000 users.
Holders will be able to stake our NFTs to earn $FORGE tokens. $FORGE will bring various utility throughout the future of this project, starting with allowing our holders to buy whitelist spots from the projects that we onboard Mercury, allowing easy whitelisting for our holders only.
However this is just the beginning, our roadmap details what our plans are for the short and long term future, this includes developing various products and apps, enhancing existing ones and moving into DAO tooling in the long term future.
We aren't just about utility either, we are also huge on art. Working tirelessly with our designer, we bring to you a truly powerful collection of art which resonates with our projects and holders.

What to expect

What we aim to deliver to you


Our all-in-one whitelist management tool for both projects and users. Within the first 3 weeks of launching the alpha version of Mercury, we have onboarded over 15 projects with a total registered user count of over 20,000.

Staking as a service

Release staking as a service, which allows projects to create their tokens and setup their staking in a few minutes. Projects that own 3 of our NFTs will have free access to this service for their project.


After the launch of the Blocksmith Lab NFTs, we will launch staking. Holders will be able to stake our NFTs to earn $FORGE tokens.


In a constant effort to add more utility for the $FORGE token, We will create tradable lands on maps you can buy/sell/trade only with $FORGE tokens.


Access to the pro version of Solfolio, a portfolio analysing tool for NFT traders.


Form an on-chain DAO with a core mission of funding/developing/incubating/consulting builders in the Solana ecosystem.

Sales & Listing Bots

Release sales/listing bots as a service, this allows projects to easily configure sales and listing bots for their community. Projects that own 3 of our NFTs will have free access to this service for their project.

DAO Tooling

Start building DAO tooling, more information to come.
Mint Price
2.2 SOL
Mint Date
24th March

Meet the team

Working together to achieve a common goal